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KAZE - Awamori 43% 750ml

As time passes, the ingredients inside of Awamori continue to mature and the flavor changes even after bottling. Awamori that has been aged for three years or more is called ”KUSU”, meaning “old alcohol”. KAZE is a Awamori blend whose name means wind. Its water is sourced from the Ryuhi's ancient fountain near Okinawa’s Shuri Castle. KAZE is a KUSU, carefully matured for five years, resulting in a smooth and supremely refined product. Savor it on its own, neat, with a splash of water, or in a cocktail, shaken or stirred.

acidity, full-bodied, long sweetness

mushroom, nuts, sulfur, vanilla

The sweet mushroom-nutty aroma is already present before tasting. It pours softly to the body, spreading its deep flavor throughout the mouth. When it settles with time it develops a rich creamy vanilla aftertaste

Vörulínur: ANNAÐ, Awamori, Sterk vín, VÖRULISTI


Vöruheiti: AWAMORI