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MIZU - Awamori 43% 750ml

Mizu is an inspiring Awamori blend whose name means water. It is created on the island paradise of Kumejima. The waters of Kumejima are pristine and crystal clear, giving Mizu its brightness and radiance. Water is mixed earlier in the production of Mizu and it is stored longer mixed, resulting in Awamori that is extremely well-balanced, smooth, and easy on the tongue, consumed straight, on ice, or in cocktails.

acidity, hotness

brown sugar, leafy, rice bran, soy, yogurt

The first touch of MIZU is the hotness on the tongue. It cools down and turns acidic with a rich instant sweet mouthwatering aftertaste of rice.

Vörulínur: ANNAÐ, Awamori, Sterk vín, VÖRULISTI


Vöruheiti: AWAMORI