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Kyrö Dark Gin 42% 500ml

Barrel aged Kyrö Dark Gin is the perfect union of rye, locally sourced botanicals and American white oak cask maturation. This unusual dark gin also has a lot of whisky drinking fans. Kyrö Dark Gin is aged in small American oak barrels for approximately three months and fine-tuned with freshly distilled orange peel and black pepper that complement the vanilla from the barrel and the heat from the rye.


Kyrö Dark gin, formerly known as Koskue, has won numerous international awards; Silver in 2019 and Outstanding Silver in 2017 in IWSC and Gold Medal from 2017 San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

For a perfect serve, enjoy Kyrö Dark Gin with plenty of ice and cloudy apple juice, garnished with a slice of apple and fresh vanilla.


Tasting notes

Oak and orange with hint of flowery summer meadow on the nose. Honey, orange and pepper smoothly playing with oak.

Vörulínur: GIN, KYRÖ, KYRÖ Gin, Sterk vín, VÖRULISTI

Flokkur: GIN, Koskue, KYRÖ,

Vöruheiti: GIN