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KYRÖ Pale Bitter 500ml

Rye aperitif
33,0% • 0,5L

We have distilled hops, spruce, birch and rowan berries, combining them with the mellow spiciness of rye and created Kyrö Pale Rye Bitter—a refreshing and appetite arousing reminder of a spring frost that gives a bitter beginning to any occasion.

Enjoy with your favourite tonic water and garnish with a slice of grapefruit.


Tasking notes

Hoppy and herbal with a kick, reflecting the fragrance and flavour of the pale Finnish summer nights.

Vörulínur: Aperitivo & Bitterar, BITTER, KYRÖ, KYRÖ Gin, VÖRULISTI

Flokkur: BITTER, KYRÖ,

Vöruheiti: BITTER