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Sloe Gin, 30%, 500ml

Nose: Soft, floral blackthorn with a gentle sweetness of vanilla. A touch of nuttiness and mellow woody notes.
Palate: A jammy sweetness up front before the flavour gradually gets dryer and tarter. Notes of meadowsweet with a floral creaminess.
Finish: Hints of dried flowers and hay along with a creamy nuttiness and dry berries. Gentle, but lingering, with a little tartness.

Edition: Produced in batches of about 1 800 bottles.
ABV: 30 %
Serve: Neat over ice, in a Gin and Tonic or as a French 75.


Vörulínur: GIN, HERNÖ, Sterk vín, VÖRULISTI

Flokkur: GIN, HERNÖ,

Vöruheiti: GIN