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Black Currant 28% 500ml

Hernö Gin


Hernö Blackcurrant is a spirit drink made from Hernö Gin that has been infused with bucketfuls of ripe blackcurrant berries. Matured for a couple of days with the berries and then pressed. Finally sweetened to enhance all the flavours of the fruit. Enjoyable on its own and lovely to serve in a French 75.


NOSE: Bright, crisp blackcurrant with a hint of jammy tartness and a soft floral sweetness.
PALATE: Juniper up front followed by an emerging range of complex flavours of the fruit, bold blackcurrant and sweetness with a hint of green notes of the leaf.
FINISH: A long finish, with a definite dry tartness and a touch of acidity followed by a hint of nuttiness.


Vörulínur: GIN, HERNÖ, Sterk vín, VÖRULISTI

Flokkur: GIN, HERNÖ,

Vöruheiti: GIN